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All information presented below (text, banners, video) may be used freely, without Bee Breeders' written permission, by any media, but only for purposes relating to the Black Balsam Laboratories competition.

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The Bee Breeders Black Balsam Laboratories is looking for designs to help bartenders and cocktail makers invent the next big drink. The traditional Latvian liquor has a long history of being enjoyed for its bold and unique taste, dating back to the 1700s.

In order to entice a younger audience and expand the traditional drink’s popularity, Bee Breeders are tasking participants with designing a series of small-scale “laboratories” which could be situated in any location around the world. Each laboratory would only need to be big enough to accommodate a bartender and provide a workstation for guests to experiment and create their own cocktails using Black Balsam.

This is a chance to combine the traditions of the past with the trends of the future, all while getting pleasantly tipsy. The Black Balsam Laboratories competition is now open until April 20, with winners of the US $6,000 prize to be announced on June 20, 2018.

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